UPDATE: Johnny rocks Crossroads…

Crossroads weekend revisited: If you didn’t make it to Chicago to see Johnny do his thing at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, we’ve got great news: The national media is raving about Johnny’s guest spot with the Derek Trucks Band. Here’s what David Fricke of Rolling Stone had to say:

Trucks later said that Winter had missed soundcheck the day before… But on stage, Winter, sitting on a chair and hunched over his guitar, tore off squealing lines with his metal slide that meshed viciously, and perfectly, with the vocal-like shriek of Trucks’ bottleneck responses.

Shows for Uncle John: Johnny is scheduled to play the second of two benefit shows for his late bandmate, drummer “Uncle John” Turner, tonight in Austin. Stay tuned for information from the road. To learn how you can lend a hand, click here.


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